Before using Altus Denoiser, we recommend that you have either an OpenCL (preferred) Installable Client Driver (ICD) installed. Altus includes a fallback version that doesn’t require OpenCL or CUDA but performance will be limited. See System Requirements.

On Windows, the installer will install Altus into C:\Program Files\Altus Denoiser\.

Inside C:\Program Files\Altus Denoiser\bin, Altus.exe will open the GUI. See GUI.

Inside C:\Program Files\Altus Denoiser\bin, altus-cli.exe is a wrapper executable that will select either a CUDA or OpenCL, or CPU-only compute model for filtering automatically based on what will run best on your computer. altus-opencl.exe and altus-cuda.exe are the OpenCL and CUDA compute models of Altus, respectively. altus-cpp.exe is the CPU-only compute model of Altus that will run if OpenCL is not installed. You can invoke this programs manually rather than through the altus-cli.exe wrapper in case you would like to force usage of a particular compute model.

On Linux and macOS, no installer or GUI is available. The downloads contain the wrapper, OpenCL compute model executable and C++-only versions of Altus.