Output Options

Altus will save the denoised result as an EXR image. Denoised AOVs will be saved as a multi-layer EXR.


Altus has problems dealing with data windows that are smaller than display windows. As a workaround, data windows will be ignored on file write.

--out-path or -O

the absolute file path that serves as a template for output file paths. ‘####’ and ‘%4d’ in the base name are supported

--out-dir or -o

The path to the directory to which filtered images are written

--scene-name or -i

The name of the scene being processed (default: guessed)

--preserve-layers or -p

Original layers in a multi-layer OpenEXR image given for “rgb” can be preserved and saved as layers inside the filtered output image by passing --preserve-layers to Altus.


Set the quality level of the denoised RGB image.