How you can use Altus

Altus Denoiser can be integrated into your production pipeline in several different ways.

Altus CLD: A command-line denoiser (included in Altus ServerPro) let’s you use Altus as a post-process tool. As a post-process tool, you can create discrete jobs in your render farm automation software to denoise frames after they have completed rendering. See how Altus can integrate with popular render farm queue automation software packages.

Altus Studio: A graphical user interface that helps you manage your Altus projects with an interactive image viewer. See /usage/gui for more information.

Several renderers come with Altus integrated. With a click you can setup renders to generate all the information Altus requires and denoise your renders without additional setup.

If you’re a developer, Altus also is available as a Software Development Kit (SDK) that exposes a C++ binary interface to let you pass raw float arrays instead of having to deal with intermedate file formats. The SDK provides a Dynamic Linked Library (DLL) for Windows and Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) for Linux and macOS for linking directly into your software. Contact support for more information.