Using RLM’s Web interface

Reprise software provides a web-based interface for administration of the running rlm process. This can be used to perform similar functions to rlmutil. The web server is started automatically on port 5053 or 5054 when rlm is started. To see this just type localhost:5054 or localhost:5053 into a browser window on the license server.

The web interface allows you to do many operations:
  1. Status - displays the status of the RLM server.
  2. Shutdown - stops the server process. Note: RLM process will continue.
  3. Reread/Restart Servers – re-reads the license files after adding/removing licenses to the license server.
  4. Diagnostics – outputs debug information
  5. System Info – displays info, from this screen it’s easy to access the MAC Address and IP Address of the license server.