Using floating licenses on a Client Computer running Linux

First, ensure that the RLM license server has been started correctly. Visit here for more info on setting the RLM License Server Setting up a new RLM licensing server.

Connecting to the license server

Workstations must be configured so that it can find the license server and checkout licenses. You do this by defining an environment variable ALTUS_LICENSE.

Given your setup there are three ways that you can set the enviroment variable.
  1. You can use the license server’s ip address for a direct reference
  2. You can use a domain name if your license server has an internal domain name
  3. If you have machines that identify by name you can use machine name.

ALTUS_LICENSE: port@ipaddress or port@domainname or port@machinename


If you do not know how to adjust your environment variables please reference this documentation.