Getting Help

Innobright provides customers and evaluators several different ways of getting support. We recommend you go through each support channel below one-by-one to diagnose problems.

Innobright’s Help Portal

Innobright’s documentation & help portal at (this Website!) serves as our manual. A search box to the left of each page lets you search all of our documentation quickly and easily.

Everything is open source (Creative Commons 4.0) (unless otherwise specified), and can be edited at

Innobright’s Forums

Innobright’s Forums at let’s you get help quickly from not only Innobright, but other Altus users. If your question can be asked in public, we recommend you use our forum.

Please note your login to is NOT the same as; this often causes confusion.

Contacting a human at Innobright

You can contact Innobright directly, in private, by using our support system.

By e-mail, you can e-mail to create a support ticket. You’ll receive a receipt with your ticket number and a link on the Web where you can keep track of responses to your ticket. You can reply to a support ticket e-mail to respond.

Alternatively, you can create a support ticket manually by going to

No login is required to use; almost everything can be done by e-mail. You can create a login for so that you don’t need to check your e-mail for updates and view previous tickets. Please note your login for is NOT the same as; this often causes confusion.

If you’d like multiple people to be aware of a ticket, send CC them on any e-mail you send to support. Through the Web interface, you can add them as “Collaborators”.

Sending Us Files

There are file-size limits to files sent via e-mail and uploaded to, so we ask you please upload files to WeTransfer, Google Drive, DropBox, or any other file upload service. We also provide an in-house run file hosting service (please contact us for a login) at if you require files stay on Innobright’s property.

If the files you are sharing are proprietary and/or must be kept secret, Innobright can sign a non-discloure agreement (NDA).

When sending us outputs, please include your b0 and b1 images in OpenEXR format, filtered output image in OpenEXR format, log files, configuration files, command-line parameters used for invocation, and screenshots (if relevant) so that we can best diagnose problems for you.